Relaxing in the Lord’s Care

March 17, 2020

I have had many cats over the years, and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times God has used them to teach me.  The cats I have currently, Zander and Sebastian, are the latest in the long line of object lessons.

I obtained Zander close to the first anniversary of my husband’s departure to Heaven.  At the time, I had other cats; all of them have since passed away.  I wanted new life in my home.  Something to remind me that although my everyday existence had changed forever, there was still hope for the future.  The trouble was, I had my heart set on a brown kitten.  I searched on many times.  I looked on Craig’s List.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I started researching purebred cats.  So many of those were too expensive, and I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find a kitten before October 15th. 

A lesson I have learned is to take my cares to the Lord in prayer.  It doesn’t matter how large or small my concern is, my Father wants me to trust Him in all things.  My search for a kitten ended up at the home of a local Bengal breeder.  It was there that I found a marbled male kitten that was within the price limit I had set for myself.  He was eight weeks old when I brought him home on October 4th of 2013.  There were many names I liked better than Zander, but he ignored them all. When he responded to “Zander,” it became his moniker. 

Unlike his brother, Sebastian was obtained from a shelter.  He is unique not only in his coloring but in the fact that his tail curls.  It didn’t when I got him in October of 2015, but as he grew older, he began to hold it in a circle instead of straight.  The shelter had given him the name “Mylo;” however, I didn’t think it fit him very well and changed it. 

At first, Zander wasn’t pleased to have to share attention with a new cat.  He is quite sensitive and does not like change.  I ended up spending quite a bit at the vet because he was so stressed he became ill.  (Maybe this is a blessing since it keeps me from adding another kitten to my household.)  Now the two cats are buddies, even though they still squabble quite a lot.  As of this writing, Zander is six years old, and Sebastian is four. 

I knew when I purchased Zander that Bengal cats are an independent breed.  They are also very intelligent and are easier to train.  I was pleasantly surprised when Zander learned what the word “no” meant.  Bengals are also part wild.  Their breeding lines include the Asian leopard cat.  They are not considered to be lap cats, and they don’t like to be snuggled very often.  Even when Zander is sitting with me in my chair, he doesn’t ever fully relax.  He is constantly aware of what is going on around him.

Sebastian, on the other hand, gets so relaxed that he feels heavy.  He may weigh a lot less than Zander does, yet he totally surrenders his trust to whoever is holding him.  It is up to me to support him because he certainly isn’t doing it himself.  Sebastian feels much heavier when he is curled up on my lap than Zander does when he is in the same position.

I could relate more about the “purr-sonality” of each cat; however, the lesson I need to heed has already been illustrated. 

When it comes to trusting God, I am usually more of a Zander than a Sebastian.  I keep myself on the alert for things that might disturb my peace.  I don’t fully relax and let my Father be in control.  I get bogged down in the “what-ifs” and “whys.”  I know that the Bible addresses this idea in the book of Matthew when Jesus says, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30 NASB).

Lord, thank You for Your continual teaching in my day-to-day life.  Please give me what it takes to be more like Sebastian, fully trusting You to supply my need.  I know in my heart that I can rely on You for my support.  No matter what is going on around me, my eyes should be fixed on You, for You are my Provider.  Fill my thoughts with the confidence I need to face the future with the assurance that You are in control.  I am blessed by Your love!  Amen.