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[blockquote]I love the devotional book. Sara uses the practical, everyday occurrences in life to apply spiritual truths. Very helpful and inspirational. Sue R., Virginia[/blockquote] [blockquote]Love Sara’s book! Can’t stop reading instead of using as a daily devotional! This is a great book for people of all ages. Sara has such talent for transporting the reader into her home and feeling like you are there when these every day incidents take place. A great book and a great gift idea! Darlene G., Indiana [/blockquote] [blockquote] This book is great. I read it every morning during my devotional and prayer time. Puts great joy in my life to know she wrote it. I love it. Lyna D., Missouri [/blockquote] [blockquote] I am enjoying the book, and I read just one each day, so it will last longer. You have such a way of showing how God works in our everyday lives, and how it can be used to deepen our faith. Thanks for all your work, and letting God use you to help us all grow!! It is a great tool to help others. Nancy B., Indiana [/blockquote] [blockquote] Sara’s book is filled with examples of her strong faith in God. It is filled with love, laughter, wisdom, and good-hearted lessons in life. This book is perfect for daily devotions. It warms your heart and makes you smile! Carol K., Indiana [/blockquote] [blockquote] I love the devotions in this book and used one for a devotion during our ladies’ meeting. They are down to earth and so relatable that you can’t help but get something out of them. I love how Sara shares lesson’s about God from everyday things such as kitty litter or apple pie. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs some everyday inspiration. Angela R., Virginia [/blockquote]
[blockquote] I purchased several of your books. Love it. I give them to people who are going through rough times to help cheer them up and to encourage them. Sue M., Illinois [/blockquote] [blockquote] It is spiritual, and funny. Margaret L., 11 Years Old She has read the book twice already! [/blockquote] [blockquote] I read it and could not put it down. I know it was for a daily read, but I just kept reading it; your stories were wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for writing it. Kim G., Indiana [/blockquote] [blockquote] I have enjoyed reading Seeds of Light, Seeds of Joy. It shows how God works in everything we do and is always there for us. Sara has a way to make us feel like we are a part of her story. It is well written and worth buying to use as a devotional. Linda C., Indiana [/blockquote] [blockquote] I thoroughly enjoy reading my copy of Seeds of Light, Seeds of Joy. Sara has a way of finding God in all of her everyday living. Through her words I am more aware of how much of the time God IS at work and we pass it by unnoticed. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing. Arlene D., Indiana [/blockquote] [blockquote] This is a wonderful book. God has gifted Sara with an awesome creative writing ability. When I read these I feel as if I am sitting at her kitchen table visiting and chatting over coffee, and talking about God’s workings in our daily lives. Her short story devotions are truly inspired by the Lord. Thanks for your book, Sara! Nancy P., Indiana [/blockquote]

Learn to discover the things God plants in our everyday lives. The devotions in this book encourage us to grow them into maturity!

ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781512718522

ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781512718539

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781512718515