Tag: Zucchini

  • Garden-Fresh Flavor

    It’s that time of year again, and I am excited!  My hard work is beginning to pay off; my garden is starting to yield fresh produce.  I have enjoyed sugar snap peas for a couple of weeks.  A few yellow cherry tomatoes have ripened; they don’t last very long after I rinse them off.  It […]

  • Fixin’s for the Fourth

    Now it’s July.  Half of 2020 is history; it was definitely historic!  Things that seemed so routine when we entered this year are no longer the same.  Every trip to the store reminds me that things have changed.  It may be in the availability (or lack thereof) of certain items.  It could be sticker shock […]

  • Dealing with too much of a good thing

    Last week I finally managed to make a food donation to the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter.  It is something I have meant to do since I managed to purchase several 4-packs of the wrong flavor of canned cat food.  I also took the towels I used to dry my dog, as he is no longer […]

  • What to do with all of those…

    I realized last year that all three of my children had a child in the same grade of school. This year, Vivian, Lincoln, and Liam will be in first grade. Liam loves to learn and is very curious about how things work. Recently, he was riding with his dad (my son Adam) when they spotted […]

  • How to use all that squash

    This is the time of year when gardens are usually in their prime.  Often, the most prolific plants are yellow summer squash and zucchini.  I have each of them in my garden, but this year’s crop hasn’t done very well.  They have been overrun with gray bugs that are destroying the plants.  I may have […]