Tag: Tomatoes

  • Pies are for sharing

    “You need to learn to share.”  How many times did I hear that as a child?  How many times did I say it to my children?  I couldn’t even begin to tell you.  I have also uttered that phrase on countless occasions when I have been in charge of children, whether I was either teaching […]

  • Red, Ripe, and Ready-to-Eat

    I am so ready for a luscious red tomato from my garden.  I have had a few Juliet grape tomatoes and some yellow cherry tomatoes; however, the larger varieties are a long way from ripening.  I would settle for a large yellow tomato, but they are nowhere near ripe, either.  Bacon and tomatoes just go […]

  • Red and Ripe for Recipes

    One of the most memorable vacations of my childhood was a trip my family took to Oklahoma in 1968.  It seems so very long ago – and that’s because it was – fifty years, to be exact.  We made our journey in August, headed for the Kiamichi Mountain area.  Two parents, six children (ranging in […]

  • A soup-er January

    A new year has begun.  I slept through the “changing of the guard;” I did not hear my phone chirp out a text message from my sister wishing me a Happy New Year. Several publications I read during December mentioned choosing a word to focus on for the coming months, suggesting it would be more […]

  • What to do with all of those…

    I realized last year that all three of my children had a child in the same grade of school. This year, Vivian, Lincoln, and Liam will be in first grade. Liam loves to learn and is very curious about how things work. Recently, he was riding with his dad (my son Adam) when they spotted […]