Tag: Tea

  • It’s refreshing!

    I was blessed to have all of my family at my home on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  After so many weeks of isolation, we enjoyed our time together.  The cousins were excited to spend time playing together, and the adults were glad for a time to chat face-to-face.  Most of our time was […]

  • Mom’s the Word

    The state of motherhood means there are children involved.  Even if they are grown.  Even when the title “Mom” is affectionately given to a special lady in one’s life.  A mom might have natural-born children, or they may be adopted.  Or foster children.  Or those that actually belong to someone else, yet she serves as […]

  • Some like it cold

    For as long as I can remember, tea has been a part of my life.  Sometimes hot, sometimes cold; sometimes strong, sometimes weak; sometimes black, sometimes green, sometimes herbal – no matter the temperature or type, it seems like there is always tea. My mother’s cure for tummy aches was a cup of what she […]