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  • Garden-Fresh Flavor

    It’s that time of year again, and I am excited!  My hard work is beginning to pay off; my garden is starting to yield fresh produce.  I have enjoyed sugar snap peas for a couple of weeks.  A few yellow cherry tomatoes have ripened; they don’t last very long after I rinse them off.  It […]

  • Strong to the Finish

    Strong to the Finish

    Remember the cartoon character Popeye?  The one who was “strong to the finish” because he ate his spinach?  October must have been his favorite time of year, as it has been designated as National Spinach-Lovers’ Month.  I learned to eat many different types of greens when I was a child.  It seemed like my mother […]

  • Use your noodles!

    Use your noodles! I will be forever grateful that my parents, especially my dad, taught me how to think for myself.  If I asked for help solving a problem, Dad didn’t necessarily spout out the solution.  He often guided me along the path of figuring out the answer on my own.  To him, my head […]

  • Have a Cherry-ful Day!

    It is time to write Cooks’ Corner again, the morning I use every week to sit down in front of my computer and type out what I am going to say.  Usually, I have very few, if any, interruptions.  However, today has been a different story.  Birthdays are like that – filled with phone calls […]

  • A lesson learned

    One of the most frequent comments I hear about my column is, “I love the stories about your grandchildren!”  So for those readers who enjoy them, this one’s for you! Elijah (2-1/2) is the source of the latest stories.  He seems to have taken his older sister Vivian’s spot as a main source of family […]

  • Be strong to the finish; eat your spinach!

    The definition of an anniversary: “the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event” (www.dictionary.com).   Some we look forward to, such as wedding anniversaries and birthday anniversaries.  However, there are those we do not anticipate.  As much as I have loved the month of October, now it holds one of those dreaded anniversary days […]