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  • All Good Things…

    There is an old saying that “All good things must come to an end.”  Fourteen years ago, on July 13, 2006, The Shelbyville News contained my first “Cooks’ Corner” column.  Others had written it before my turn started, and it was amazing to me that the newspaper agreed to accept articles from an inexperienced author.  […]

  • Help and Hope

    What a month March has been.  I don’t think any of us would want to repeat it!  Life has changed for all of us, and in light of the current situation, I am going to provide recipes that may help with meals during this time.  During a conversation with my daughter-in-law, Heather, she informed me […]

  • How to use your noodles

    The phrase “Use your noodle!” is another way of saying, “make use of your intelligence!”  My parents instilled in me the idea that there are many ways to get things accomplished.  Sometimes all it takes is a little brainpower. Both Dad and Mom were experts at solving “how-am-I-going-to-do-this” problems.  Their methods may have been unconventional; […]

  • I can do this!

    Here we are in February, which happens to be National Canned Food Month.  Lots of different edible items are available in cans, and those of us who have gardens often save our produce by canning it in jars.  In this case, “can” refers to a container.  The word “can” also has another definition.  When used […]

  • Good neighbors are super!

    One thing I learned early in life is that it is a blessing to have good neighbors.  My childhood was spent in a suburb of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Known as “Fountain City,” it was annexed by the larger municipality during my early elementary school years.  My family resided in a fairly stable neighborhood.  For the most […]

  • Blessed Beyond Measure

    Another holiday is coming up, and sometimes I find it hard to face the idea that there will be someone missing at my Thanksgiving table.  I remember the first meal my family had together after my husband graduated to Heaven.  Things got quiet when we bowed our heads for the blessing of our food, but […]

  • It’s “Soup-er” Weather!

    It’s “Soup-er” Weather!

    Someone forgot to tell the weatherman that November is an autumn month.  The forecast for the next several days sounds more like winter.  By the time this column comes out in the newspaper, we will know if we have descended to the predicted lows, which could be record-breaking.  All I have to say is “Brrrrrrr!” […]

  • Strong to the Finish

    Strong to the Finish

    Remember the cartoon character Popeye?  The one who was “strong to the finish” because he ate his spinach?  October must have been his favorite time of year, as it has been designated as National Spinach-Lovers’ Month.  I learned to eat many different types of greens when I was a child.  It seemed like my mother […]

  • Red, Ripe, and Ready-to-Eat

    I am so ready for a luscious red tomato from my garden.  I have had a few Juliet grape tomatoes and some yellow cherry tomatoes; however, the larger varieties are a long way from ripening.  I would settle for a large yellow tomato, but they are nowhere near ripe, either.  Bacon and tomatoes just go […]

  • Soup-er selections for the New Year

    I think all the hubbub of the Christmas season finally got to me.  I found myself pushed to the limits of my strength many times; however, I kept on going.  The last few days before the holiday were quite stressful and I did something I was determined not to do – I sat up late […]