Tag: Rice

  • Life goes on

    One thing that keeps me from going absolutely stir crazy is watching the world around me.  I am blessed to live in the country, and I love watching things “wake up” during the spring.  When I need to clear my head of all the negativity going on in our current situation, I often step outside […]

  • It happened in September

    Travel back in time with me – thirty-six years, to be exact.  I was expecting our third child at any time; the baby’s due date was September 12th.  I felt like I had swallowed a watermelon. Although I was prepared for the birth of my little one, I didn’t want to miss the Sunday celebration […]

  • Language barrier?

    Cinco de Mayo is on Saturday of this week.  I searched for some Mexican-style recipes that I had not tried before, and my kitchen has seen quite a bit of activity the past few days.  While I prepared the different dishes, I couldn’t help but remember something that happened in my college Spanish class. I […]

  • Christmas: A time for healing

    I sorted through a lot of Christmas decorations trying to decide which ones I wanted to use this year.  Many of them brought back fond memories of my husband and children, especially the Christmas stockings that I had made for each of us.  One stocking, however, took me even further back. When I was preschool […]

  • A harvest of rice recipes

    Something tells me that we are going to have an early fall.  It could be the cooler temperatures we have experienced lately.  Maybe it’s the colored leaves I saw on the way to church Sunday morning.  Or maybe it is simply a “feeling” in the air.  All I know is that I am not the […]