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  • All Good Things…

    There is an old saying that “All good things must come to an end.”  Fourteen years ago, on July 13, 2006, The Shelbyville News contained my first “Cooks’ Corner” column.  Others had written it before my turn started, and it was amazing to me that the newspaper agreed to accept articles from an inexperienced author.  […]

  • Garden-Fresh Flavor

    It’s that time of year again, and I am excited!  My hard work is beginning to pay off; my garden is starting to yield fresh produce.  I have enjoyed sugar snap peas for a couple of weeks.  A few yellow cherry tomatoes have ripened; they don’t last very long after I rinse them off.  It […]

  • Fixin’s for the Fourth

    Now it’s July.  Half of 2020 is history; it was definitely historic!  Things that seemed so routine when we entered this year are no longer the same.  Every trip to the store reminds me that things have changed.  It may be in the availability (or lack thereof) of certain items.  It could be sticker shock […]

  • Learning from the Best

    During all the recent weeks of isolation, uncertainty, and unrest, there have been times I felt extremely unsettled.  I have found only one thing that is sure – the love of my Heavenly Father.  Knowing that I am never out of His care has helped me look at these tempestuous times with an assurance I […]

  • It’s refreshing!

    I was blessed to have all of my family at my home on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  After so many weeks of isolation, we enjoyed our time together.  The cousins were excited to spend time playing together, and the adults were glad for a time to chat face-to-face.  Most of our time was […]

  • Roll out the strawberries!

    June has arrived – the first month of summer.  Yes, I know that summer doesn’t officially arrive until the 20th, but with all that has been going on in our world, it is good to know that seasons are changing as they always do.  When I sat down to write this morning, I had a […]

  • Eggs-actly


    May is National Egg Month.  It is really not hard to find recipes that include eggs; they are used in a lot of ways.  They may be found in cakes, cookies, breads, casseroles, salads, pies, plus many other dishes.  They are eaten boiled, baked, fried, scrambled, shirred, poached, deviled; I am sure there are other […]

  • May: The Season for Asparagus

    What would life be without asparagus?  If that question had been asked of me as a child, I would have answered, “Wonderful!”  I hated the stuff.  My parents loved it, though, and so springtime meals were often a challenge for me.  There was a large patch of asparagus that grew in the backyard of my […]

  • Mom’s the Word

    The state of motherhood means there are children involved.  Even if they are grown.  Even when the title “Mom” is affectionately given to a special lady in one’s life.  A mom might have natural-born children, or they may be adopted.  Or foster children.  Or those that actually belong to someone else, yet she serves as […]

  • Life goes on

    One thing that keeps me from going absolutely stir crazy is watching the world around me.  I am blessed to live in the country, and I love watching things “wake up” during the spring.  When I need to clear my head of all the negativity going on in our current situation, I often step outside […]