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  • This Little Piggy

    Children’s toys are so much more sophisticated now than they were when I was young.  They include many of the things my contemporaries and I had to produce with our imagination.  However, sometimes I think we were better off because we learned to be creative.  It’s funny, though, how even now kids will choose to […]

  • More than OK

    During the weeks of late spring and early summer, our theme song could have been, “Who’ll Stop the Rain?”  The sun seemed to be in constant hiding, and we had way more precipitation than we needed.  While all that was going on, I kept wondering how July and August would be, remembering other wet springs […]

  • Cars, Guys, and Grills

    When I spend time reminiscing about former times, I recall long-time friends, former pets, and favorite places.  For some reason, this morning I started thinking about old cars.  If they could talk, each of them would have lots of stories to tell. The first vehicle I remember was a light green Chevrolet my parents dubbed […]

  • Sandwich time!

    Bob, my late hubby, used to tell me that I was a creature of habit.  He was oh, so correct.  I have my routines, and I feel out of sorts when they are interrupted.  I have even passed up things I really wanted to do because I was too comfortable in my regular schedule.  However, […]

  • Have a Cherry-ful Day!

    It is time to write Cooks’ Corner again, the morning I use every week to sit down in front of my computer and type out what I am going to say.  Usually, I have very few, if any, interruptions.  However, today has been a different story.  Birthdays are like that – filled with phone calls […]