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  • Mom’s the Word

    The state of motherhood means there are children involved.  Even if they are grown.  Even when the title “Mom” is affectionately given to a special lady in one’s life.  A mom might have natural-born children, or they may be adopted.  Or foster children.  Or those that actually belong to someone else, yet she serves as […]

  • Grammie time

    Grammie time

    At my stage of life, there are not many things that I find more enjoyable than time spent with my grandchildren.  Last week I was privileged to have two visitors for a couple of days – Vivian (8) and Elijah (4).  I brought them home Sunday afternoon, then took them back to their parents on […]

  • Why Easter?

    During my childhood, Easter was often referred to as “Resurrection Sunday.”  Those of us who are Christians understand the reference, but in today’s society, many people do not.  Jesus, the Son of God, came into our world as a baby.  He was born to a mother who was a virgin; His Father was God Himself.  […]

  • February Specials

    I spent a portion of Saturday evening doing something I love to do.  My church congregation held a Hymn Sing, and I had been looking forward to it.  I could sing most of the songs without ever looking at the words on the screen because the lyrics were so familiar to me.  As we sang, […]

  • Making memories and muffins

    People frequently comment about how much they enjoy reading about my grandchildren.  If you are one of those folk, this one’s for you! On Thursday evening, my telephone rang.  Caller ID informed me that my son Adam was on the other end of the line.  However, when I answered the call, I heard nothing.  Then, […]

  • Begin your day with breakfast

    “Into each life some rain must fall” is a line from a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  The same lyric is also declared in a song featuring Ella Fitzgerald and the Inkspots.  Both of these depict a hard season of existence.  However, there is another way to think about rainy days. Ask any farmer […]

  • Think muffin of it

    The trouble with collecting recipes is that I have way more than I will ever prepare.  But when the finished products sound good, I keep the recipes.  Sometimes I clip them out, sometimes I mark where they are in cookbooks, and at other times I save them on my computer.  If I want to make […]

  • August is just peach-y!

    August is just peach-y!   There are days when I sit down at my computer to write my column, and my mind goes blank.  It is one of those days.  I looked at my list of monthly celebrations, but August doesn’t have very many.  National Water Quality Month?  Not appropriate for a recipe column.  Besides, […]