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  • The saucy month of March

    I do not know why March was chosen as National Sauce Month; however, after reading the definition of the word “saucy,” I have an idea.  According to www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary, “saucy” means: 1. served with or having the consistency of sauce 2 a: impertinently bold and impudent    b: amusingly forward and flippant: irrepressible Going with the second definition, March this year […]

  • Be careful what you carry into the New Year

    It’s the day after Christmas.  The presents are unwrapped.  Leftovers from dinner reside in the refrigerator.  Long lines that now form at the stores are for returns instead of gift-buying.  Some folks return to work after the holiday, while others enjoy a few more days off.  All the efforts we made to make sure those […]

  • Fun with family

    A good portion of last week was spent with family.  My daughter Molly came on Wednesday with her younger two children, Lincoln and Melody.  Maggie (who lives with her dad) arrived on Friday.  My house has been filled with the sounds of children for several days; now it seems very quiet. Thursday morning was waffles […]