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  • Laboring to make things work

    I keep asking myself, “Where has the time gone?”  Labor Day, the unofficial end to summer, is one week from today, and I already see signs of autumn.  Leaves are falling here and there, and my garden is slowing down; even the zucchini plants are barely producing anything.  Another word for labor is “work.”  I […]

  • Dealing with too much of a good thing

    Last week I finally managed to make a food donation to the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter.  It is something I have meant to do since I managed to purchase several 4-packs of the wrong flavor of canned cat food.  I also took the towels I used to dry my dog, as he is no longer […]

  • The Icing on the Cake

    June is a popular month for weddings.  A glance at my monthly calendar reminded me that thirty-one years ago, my youngest sister, Melissa, chose the 25th of June for her marriage ceremony.  For some reason, memories of that time came in like a flood. Melissa chose a country theme for her nuptials and asked me […]

  • It’s not easy being green

    Unless Easter happens to fall in March, the only holiday really celebrated during the month is St. Patrick’s Day, which is not that big of a deal.  Unlike the major holidays, it doesn’t merit a day off work, and the mail is still delivered.  One thing we associate with St. Patrick’s Day is the color […]

  • Some like it sweeter

    This past Sunday (January 13th) was one of those days I felt like I needed to bake a cake.  It was my late husband’s birthday, and for many years it was my practice to make him a sweet treat in celebration.  I had not done so for quite some time (it was the seventh one […]

  • Sift your way into March

    Many of my readers have commented about how much they enjoy stories about my grandchildren.  When I first started writing Cooks’ Corner, I only had one granddaughter; now I have three, plus four grandsons.  Maggie stories permeated my earliest columns.  Then Vivian, Lincoln (Maggie’s brother), and Liam arrived within six months of each other.  Melody […]

  • An October Blessing

    October has arrived!  For me, the month always begins with a celebration for my granddaughter, Vivian, who was born on the first.  This year she turned seven.  I went to her birthday party on Saturday; it was held a day early to make it easier for out-of-town family to attend. Several years ago, a family […]

  • Strawberry Month May Be Extended…

    The month of May is almost over; however, I would say that its status as National Strawberry Month can bleed over into June.  That is only my opinion, but those who enjoy strawberries would agree wholeheartedly.  I was searching for recipes on a completely different topic when I found several recipes that are worth including […]