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  • Bread and the stuff of life

    If I could choose what I really wanted to be doing today, it would be baking a birthday cake for my husband.  Sometimes he would pick the kind he wanted; at other times, he would tell me to surprise him.  When asked, that is what he said eight years ago, “Surprise me.”  Little did I […]

  • Grammie time

    Grammie time

    At my stage of life, there are not many things that I find more enjoyable than time spent with my grandchildren.  Last week I was privileged to have two visitors for a couple of days – Vivian (8) and Elijah (4).  I brought them home Sunday afternoon, then took them back to their parents on […]

  • For the Foodie in all of us

    Regular readers of Cooks’ Corner know that I often look to a list of monthly “specials” when I am deciding which type of recipes to feature during a particular week.  Some months are overloaded with ideas, while others are sorely lacking.  April falls in the latter category, having only three designations.  However, one of those […]

  • Why Easter?

    During my childhood, Easter was often referred to as “Resurrection Sunday.”  Those of us who are Christians understand the reference, but in today’s society, many people do not.  Jesus, the Son of God, came into our world as a baby.  He was born to a mother who was a virgin; His Father was God Himself.  […]

  • Spring flour

    In a few days, this month will have Marched on by.  The first quarter of 2019 will be history.  Didn’t the year just get started?  Someone once explained that the reason time seems to speed up as we get older is because each year is a smaller fraction of our lives.  In other words, when […]

  • Sweets for your sweetie

    What is black and white and red all over and comes in the middle of February?  It isn’t a sunburned penguin, nor is it an embarrassed skunk.    It’s also not a zebra running through a strawberry patch.  Give up?  It’s my annual column with recipes for Valentine’s Day.  (Black-on-white print in the newspaper that is […]

  • Super Special

    There are times when I reminiscence about childhood memories with one or more of my siblings.  Most of the events we discuss would not have been possible without the people involved in those recollections.  Some folk pass in and out of our lives without much fanfare, but there are others that hold a special place […]

  • Bread machine quandary: dough or bake?

    When I first began writing the Cooks’ Corner column, much of what I discussed was the “how-to” aspects of cooking and baking.  As time went on, I began adding stories as well as recipes.  The story submissions were much the favorite of my late husband, who always took his proof-reading job seriously.  I would write […]

  • It Makes Two

    Several people have asked me lately about “that little girl who used to cook with you.”  That girl, my granddaughter Maggie, isn’t so little anymore; she is taller than I am!  She turned fourteen on Saturday. Maggie lives in Newburgh, Indiana, and recently started her freshman year of high school.  She plays clarinet in the […]

  • What’s up with 12?

    Here are some things you probably already know: There are twelve eggs in a dozen. There are twelve months in a year. There are twelve inches in a foot. Now for something you may not realize: Once these words are in print and I cut them out of the newspaper and place them with the […]