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  • Fixin’s for the Fourth

    Now it’s July.  Half of 2020 is history; it was definitely historic!  Things that seemed so routine when we entered this year are no longer the same.  Every trip to the store reminds me that things have changed.  It may be in the availability (or lack thereof) of certain items.  It could be sticker shock […]

  • Learning from the Best

    During all the recent weeks of isolation, uncertainty, and unrest, there have been times I felt extremely unsettled.  I have found only one thing that is sure – the love of my Heavenly Father.  Knowing that I am never out of His care has helped me look at these tempestuous times with an assurance I […]

  • Life goes on

    One thing that keeps me from going absolutely stir crazy is watching the world around me.  I am blessed to live in the country, and I love watching things “wake up” during the spring.  When I need to clear my head of all the negativity going on in our current situation, I often step outside […]

  • The sauce of life

    One of the things I try to do in life is to find blessings in situations that are considered to be negative.  Last week I wrote about my cousin Jimmy, who passed away on February 21st.  My son Jonathan, my grandson Elijah, and I traveled to Tennessee for the visitation and funeral.  Although our trip […]

  • Toot, Toot! Peanut Butter

    Here we are in November.  The time has changed, dropping back an hour.  It does get dark an hour earlier, but I like the fact that the sun comes up sooner in the morning.  I guess there are pros and cons to the whole time change business; if it were up to me, we would […]

  • What’s up with thirteen?

    Some people consider the number thirteen to be unlucky, and they go to great lengths to avoid it.  For instance, according to history.com, many United States hotels and high-rise buildings do not have a thirteenth floor.  Airports avoid numbering gates “13;” hotels do the same with rooms.  Parents often shudder when a child reaches the […]

  • Cars, Guys, and Grills

    When I spend time reminiscing about former times, I recall long-time friends, former pets, and favorite places.  For some reason, this morning I started thinking about old cars.  If they could talk, each of them would have lots of stories to tell. The first vehicle I remember was a light green Chevrolet my parents dubbed […]

  • Mayday for May Day

    One day of celebration that has fallen by the wayside is referred to as “May Day” or “May Basket Day.”  It used to be the custom for children to pick spring flowers and arrange them in baskets (which were often made of pretty paper).  Sometimes the baskets contained candy and/or small trinkets as well as […]

  • For the Foodie in all of us

    Regular readers of Cooks’ Corner know that I often look to a list of monthly “specials” when I am deciding which type of recipes to feature during a particular week.  Some months are overloaded with ideas, while others are sorely lacking.  April falls in the latter category, having only three designations.  However, one of those […]

  • Sandwich time!

    Bob, my late hubby, used to tell me that I was a creature of habit.  He was oh, so correct.  I have my routines, and I feel out of sorts when they are interrupted.  I have even passed up things I really wanted to do because I was too comfortable in my regular schedule.  However, […]