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  • Toot, Toot! Peanut Butter

    Here we are in November.  The time has changed, dropping back an hour.  It does get dark an hour earlier, but I like the fact that the sun comes up sooner in the morning.  I guess there are pros and cons to the whole time change business; if it were up to me, we would […]

  • Boys and cookies

    Boys and cookies

    This past weekend was something I had been anticipating.  The plan was for it to be filled with time with my grandchildren.  Things started out well; my son Jonathan brought his son Elijah (4) on Friday morning.  After Jonathan left, Elijah and I went through a book filled with cookie recipes; I let him choose […]

  • What’s up with thirteen?

    Some people consider the number thirteen to be unlucky, and they go to great lengths to avoid it.  For instance, according to history.com, many United States hotels and high-rise buildings do not have a thirteenth floor.  Airports avoid numbering gates “13;” hotels do the same with rooms.  Parents often shudder when a child reaches the […]

  • It’s Cookie Time!

    It’s cookie time! Christmas cookie baking has long been a tradition at the Ray household.  I have recipes that are old favorites, but I frequently try new ones as well.  In preparation for this particular column, I went through a stack of recipes I have clipped out of magazines, newspapers, and food packages.  Of course […]

  • The right way to tailgate

    It’s September, which means football season is underway.  For some people, it is an exciting time as they root for their favorite teams, whether it be high school, college, or professional.  If I had to pick a favorite sport, I guess I would say it is football, although I have forgotten more than I remember […]

  • Swinging from summer to fall

    It’s hard to believe that August is almost over.  As its last days swing past, it comes to mind that summer is quickly sliding away.  Labor Day is often considered its “last hurrah;” that holiday is this coming weekend. To be truthful, I am not sad to see summer depart.  For some reason, my allergies […]

  • “O” is for “Oatmeal”

    It seems like January has more than its fair share of designations for National (whatever) Month.  I have already addressed National Soup Month and Bread Machine Baking Month.  This week, I was wavering between National Egg Month and Oatmeal Month.  I reviewed past columns, found out that I wrote about Egg Month last year (including […]