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  • Start with a good breakfast

    Even though my last column was published the day after Christmas, I wrote it before the holiday.  Now that our celebration is over, I can relate details of how I spent my time with family. There was a splendid sunrise on Christmas morning.  If it had not been for my busy schedule, I would have […]

  • Apples, anyone?

    I can’t let October get away without featuring apple recipes.  I have collected them for years and have tried lots of them along the way.  Several years ago, a friend of mine called me the “apple lady” because she was fascinated with all the different things I made with them.  I used to spend a […]

  • Use your noodles!

    Use your noodles! I will be forever grateful that my parents, especially my dad, taught me how to think for myself.  If I asked for help solving a problem, Dad didn’t necessarily spout out the solution.  He often guided me along the path of figuring out the answer on my own.  To him, my head […]

  • Red and Ripe for Recipes

    One of the most memorable vacations of my childhood was a trip my family took to Oklahoma in 1968.  It seems so very long ago – and that’s because it was – fifty years, to be exact.  We made our journey in August, headed for the Kiamichi Mountain area.  Two parents, six children (ranging in […]

  • All moms need wisdom

    One of the greatest needs of motherhood is wisdom.  I cannot even begin to say how many times during my child-rearing years that I prayed for just that. A recent conversation with my daughter-in-law, Heather, reminded me just how much wisdom it takes to understand each child.  No two are alike, and they do not […]

  • Welcome to morning!

    I am not really a morning person, nor am I a night owl.  Depending on my schedule, I can be one or the other, but I don’t do well if I have to “burn the candle at both ends.”  The older I get, the more I would rather get up early than stay up late.  […]

  • Things go better with bacon

    September has arrived, and with it came my daughter, Molly.  She was on her way home to Illinois from New Jersey, where she has been living since December, having been on active duty assignment with the Air Force for the past several months.  Although eager to see her husband and children, Molly gladly spent a […]