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  • Pies are for sharing

    “You need to learn to share.”  How many times did I hear that as a child?  How many times did I say it to my children?  I couldn’t even begin to tell you.  I have also uttered that phrase on countless occasions when I have been in charge of children, whether I was either teaching […]

  • Apples, anyone?

    I can’t let October get away without featuring apple recipes.  I have collected them for years and have tried lots of them along the way.  Several years ago, a friend of mine called me the “apple lady” because she was fascinated with all the different things I made with them.  I used to spend a […]

  • What’s up with thirteen?

    Some people consider the number thirteen to be unlucky, and they go to great lengths to avoid it.  For instance, according to history.com, many United States hotels and high-rise buildings do not have a thirteenth floor.  Airports avoid numbering gates “13;” hotels do the same with rooms.  Parents often shudder when a child reaches the […]

  • Let us eat salad!

    When I read a recent newspaper information story, it triggered a whole flood of memories.  It seems that beginning in June, our publication will be delivered by mail instead of carrier.  Times have sure changed.  A whole lot of years ago when a friend and I shared a newspaper route, we were not allowed to […]

  • It’s not easy being green

    Unless Easter happens to fall in March, the only holiday really celebrated during the month is St. Patrick’s Day, which is not that big of a deal.  Unlike the major holidays, it doesn’t merit a day off work, and the mail is still delivered.  One thing we associate with St. Patrick’s Day is the color […]

  • Apples, apples, and more apples!

    What better month of the year to designate as National Apple Month than October!  Business is brisk at the local orchards as lots of folks flock there to purchase their favorite apple varieties.  I went to one fairly close to me last week to obtain some Jonagolds. Making things with apples has long been a […]

  • 1-23 Pie Day!

    I have been getting recipes ready for Pie Day, which is January 23rd.  Internet research tells me that “it was created simply to celebrate the pie” (Nationaldaycalendar.com).  How should one celebrate this special occasion?  If you like to bake, make a pie.  If you like to share, bake one for someone else.  But the best […]